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Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have begun to lose track of whole weeks now.  That happens when the weather warms up and the outside becomes my main attraction.

But I have a question for you:

If someone told you you could eat only 1 food for the next month, which food would you choose and why?  

Happy April 1!  


  1. Ice Cream. Because it's the perfect food....

  2. Well, you'd think I would say chocolate, right? It did come to mind first. BUT... Thinking about it first, like I do, it must be something to sustain me for a whole month. So, is salad considered one food? You didn't say one ingredient. On second thought, it would have to be more filling, so I say spaghetti. Whole wheat spaghetti. I love that.

  3. Vegetarian pizza....that should cover all the food groups.

  4. Tacos...like pizza, they can have all the food groups. Grains in the form of corn tortillas, veggies as lettuce/cabbage, tomato, onion & salsa, dairy as grated cheese and of course whatever meat you choose. Mine would be fish tacos...Yep, I'm hungry now. When's lunch?

  5. Clam Chowdda!

    I've become addicted to it since I moved here (Boston) and it would probably keep me going for a month :-)


  6. Oh, man...I should never have read yours while I was trying to think of MINE...it's an impossible task now, near dinner time. But...I would have to say NUTELLA!!

    No, not really...well, maybe. This is more difficult than I expected! But my stomach is growling. I'll have to check in later with my food choice.

    Thanks for making me hungry!

  7. That would be EGGS EGGS EGGS! I love em fried, scrambled, poached, soft boiled, hard boild, over medium, over hard and my personal favorite is benedict!


  8. gumbo...a good blend of protein to keep me energized.


    keylime pie...just to be a glutton and it tastes so good...

  9. Bacon! Not very healthy but oh, so tasty!

  10. Ice Cold Watermelon...
    Nothing else is needed.
    Excellent 55 Kathy.
    I hope you found this to be creative, challenging, and fun!!
    Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, have a Happy Easter, and a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  11. Pretty soon you will have lost track of not only weeks, but months.... :)

  12. REALLY late to the party, but I just discovered this "other side" of your blog. So I say CHEESE." Behold.