When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Three-year-old detective.

We all know not to say dirty words in front of our children, or they will be spouted out in perfectly enunciated English in church or school, and that has caused many embarrassing and hilarious moments, depending on whether or not you are the mother or grandparent of that little precious one, right?

Maybe the lady in the above story should start practicing a few seconds of discretion when she partakes of her daily enjoyment, or else, provide the kid with something fun to keep his mind off of what she is doing, like putting him in the floor with blocks or a puzzle, and possibly, the words, "Mommy's weed," should be totally eliminated from her vocabulary!  

Fortunately, I am on the hilarious side of this story, and it started my day off on just the right note!  IT WASN'T ME!  Anytime I can say that, and laugh at the unfortunate person being embarrassed by her child, it's a good day! 

Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is the scenario:  You are an air traffic controller.  You have been taught well, and you know what to do in absolutely any situation.  You see a small twin-engine plane on your screen, and nobody has spoken to you from that plane for over an hour.  There is a full-loaded Southwest flight from Phoenix, preparing to land at the Florida airport where you are employed.  You:

    a) Immediately contact the military to scramble jets because this could be a terrorist act that is about to take place.
   b) Ask your supervisor for direction on how to handle the situation.

   c) Chat up the pilot of the Southwest flight and convince him to fly near the little plane and look inside and report to you whether or not you think there is reason for worry.


After you watch the above video, let me know if you made the correct decision.

And this story is pretty much equal to the five that I would like to post about today. 

Happy Thursday!  Hope you aren't planning, as I am, to fly anytime soon as air traffic controllers are starting to act like zombies. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello?  Is this thing on?  That is what you may be asking yourself since there has been a very lengthy hiatus happening here at "My People."  And I have missed it...well, I miss my people...have not had a whole lot of time or motivation for blogging for a bit, but because of a few news stories I have been following, I have decided to publish a news roundup.  Feel free to jump in and post YOUR favorite news story of late!  

I am ashamed, ashamed, I tell you, to admit that Charlie Sheen's over-the-top publicity stunt (if the man is crazy, he's brilliantly crazy) has kept me pretty much riveted, but today's Charlie Sheen story made me laugh out loud at 6:30 this morning.

Charlie Sheen's Warlock Threats 

Maybe the greatest part of this is that Denise Richards did not even give any response to the Tweet, which is what "mirthed" me.  (I made that word up because it seems very Warlock-like).  And hey, I am not making fun of the Wiccan life because I am acquainted with a couple of very sweet Wiccan people and love them dearly.  But, Charlie Sheen spouting Warlock threats all over the world in every public forum he can, is great reading, you have to admit.  I find myself slightly embarrassed for him, but do not want him to stop.  GO CHARLIE, GO!

The other story that makes my top three, (Sorry, I wanted to go for five, but the stupid clock keeps ticking over there to my left), is The one about the Florida teen who forced her mother to drive to a car dealership and buy her a car.  Forced her?  That was what went through my head.  It would be a cold day in the underworld before my teenage daughter forced me to do anything, much less purchase a car for her.  Of course, my daughter would never pull a gun on me, either. 

Out of Control Teen 

And probably the story that really made my morning was this one from Air New Zealand.  It makes me want to take one of their flights!  Richard Simmons climbs onboard to help everyone become Fit to Fly by exercising to the flight crew instructions.

Fit to Fly Air New Zealand

And that, my people, would be my favorite stories of the day, Tuesday, March 29, 2011.  I don't know about all of you, but I have begun to seek out almost anything that does not contain the words "radiation" or "earthquake" for my early-morning start-up routine.

I hope all my people have an awesome day by finding something to laugh at!   

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I remember, as a child, the excitement of taking a trip in my dad's 1957 Bel-Air.  It was pink with the gray wings, at least I thought they were wings.  They seemed like wings when we went flying down the highway.  Weren't things so much simpler then?  I remember lying in the back window of the car, looking out at the cars behind me as we flew.  I would have thought my mom, being the worrier and over-protector that she was, would have had a fit about the danger associated with that posture because nowadays, what happens if you see a kid in the window of a car or on the back of a pickup truck?  "OH, MY GOD!  WHAT HORRIBLE PARENTS!"  

We would make the trip to my grandparents' house in that car every Sunday for dinner.  My grandmother was, and I still believe this after several years of living and eating, the best cook in the world.  One of my finest memories was having a belly full of chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, and fresh-picked green beans, embracing that dull sleepiness that would follow, and curling up in the sun-warmed back window of the car.  I would give up any responsibilities for my safety to my most cherished adults riding shotgun, and sleep all the way home...that kind of sleep that only sated children can accomplish.

What is your traveling memory?  

Let Tuesday roll!