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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Another cowsill.com friend of mine is from the original Cowsillland, Rhode Island.  It’s a tiny little state that has a huge personality!  The people there are just all genuinely nice East Coast folks who love their state and prove it by leaving nice, cozy, warm, Southern California and returning there time and time again. 

I love Rhode Island, too, and a lot of friendships have been formed and bonded on its beautiful shores. 

Colleen used to work for Continental Airlines and we nicknamed her Continental Colleen.  Having a pal behind that desk has been a lifesaver for people traveling to Cowsill events out there now and again.  If it wasn’t for Colleen, some of us might still be living in Rhode Island, whether we wanted to or not! 

So I’m introducing my friend, Colleen Long, here, by asking her to answer a couple of questions.  I was warmed by her answers, and I think you will be, too. 

When asked about her most memorable moment, this one sprang to mind for her with no thought having to go into it at all:

There have been many!  But the one at the VERY top of the list is of the day the adoption agency finally called after a wait of seven years and said they had a baby girl for us to ‘consider.’ Seriously? Does anyone ever say, ‘nah, not that one!!??’  Twenty-six years later, and the memory of that day is as sharp as the moment it happened.  My beautiful daughter will be married on September 18, 2010.  Where does the time go?”

What a touching story, Colleen, thank you for sharing that with me and our readers!

I asked her, then, what her favorite thing to do as a little girl was, and she answered, “To play with my dolls.  We’d play school for hours at a time.  I really loved those dolls!”

A lot of women can identify with that pastime! 

Here’s wishing you and your daughter a very happy 2010, and it certainly seems to be gearing up to go in that direction! 

Cheers to you both!

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