When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Say hi to my friend, Colin.  I have never actually met him, but I was acquainted with him through cowsill.com.  One great thing about the Internet is that I know people from all over the planet, and I love that global family that exists!  Colin is another pal of mine from England, and this winter he is making his first trip to the United States! 

It was a rather rough couple of years for him, as he lost his dear wife.  I still have such sympathy for him!  This time of year can be especially tough on people who are facing Holidays, or even just winter months, missing someone so terribly, but even with that truth, Colin was able to discuss his heart-felt answers to the interview questions.  And now, next up, Colin Hill. 

What was your most memorable moment, Colin?  “The day I started at my office in 1974. I just knew on day one I had chosen the right place to work. The girl who made my first coffee there that morning is now a very good friend and I see her once a month when we go to a cinema club. I would never have guessed that four years later I would meet my wife there and more importantly that many of the people there that day in 1974 (and of course those that came later) would sadly go to her funeral in 2008. I will have been there 36 years next month and I have been incredibly lucky to have been able to stay so long.”

“My favourite activity as a child - its very English - trainspotting. All the boys at school used to write down the numbers on the sides of locomotives as they passed the school or on Saturdays cycle out of town where lots of trains passed and write the numbers down. We then bought a log book of all of the locomotive numbers in England and crossed them off as we saw a locomotive. They were giant steam engines back in the 1960s - the idea was to see every locomotive there was, but of course we never did. You do not see boys doing it today but it was good fun then. Even now when I see a train I always wonder where it is going or where has it come from.”

Every time I see a train now, I will think of a little Colin trainspotting in 1960s England!

Hoping for you a very peaceful winter!

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  1. Did American boys do it Kathy? It seems so innocent now and rather pointless!