When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Several years ago I found myself sharing a small office space with a girl named Bev.  I had been working several years already at a hospital as a transcriptionist, and the administrative staff decided we needed to hire a new one to help keep the workload under control, so they hired a CHILD, a girl young enough to be my daughter. I fretted about that, and it took about one night for us to form a bond that has never broken. 

Now, the way things have turned out, I almost need to say “I’m sorry, Bev,” but if she had not come in to occupy that office with me, working night shift, I would not have known her, and that would have been a tragedy.

Bev is a brilliant young woman with three gorgeous kids who decided she was taking up farming, and did.  She recently bought pigs, chickens, and no telling what else, and began raising her own food.  Recently when I called her, she and her mother were canning.

We have spent many long evenings together in Medical Records, me working, Bev dozing…haha!  Thank God she was placed in my life!  I will let her tell her own stories here:

“I think back to all the things that I should have done better. As a "mature" adult (quit laughing Kathy) I think about the connection of my adulthood to childhood.

My mom and I took walks to the woods, that we now live next to, discovering paw paw trees and hollowed out cut trees that we invented into "loggy dog houses". Our beagle spent many happy years there.

Now we live in a "loggy human house" and we basically are in the process of reforesting our what use to be farm ground into paw paw trees, pecan trees, and you name it we got it trees. No, we didn't spend much they are 50 cents a tree at IDNR.

Spending time outside, building snowmen and trying to build a go cart with my cousin. We gave up after about 20 minutes. Climbing the one tree in my front yard and watching the birds and all the cars and coal trucks go by. I remember all of us kids standing out waving our arms so they would honk at us.

Our kids now love building snowmen and I still love watching the birds and now have chickens and pigs to boot. I can't build anything to save my life so I married a "Boomer" and he is my electrician, farm hand, and mechanic. We got a 4-wheeler because go carts are dangerous especially when I'm building them!! I also married a truck driver, who knew.

I loved playing Atari (does everyone remember Pacman and Frogger?) and any video game available.

Now I love computers and I love my transcription job, but I really love the people I work with!!

So, most favorite moment and activity as a child is being with family and exploring. And I have to say getting married and having each one of my three beautiful children. Raising them is quite exciting, too!!”

To one of the most genuine, honest, loving people I know, cheers, Bev!  Merry Christmas!

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